The Glenn Gould Roundtable, which took place on Friday, May 3, 2019 was a resounding success.   Additional information from all of the presenters will be provided over the next couple of weeks.


– Glenn Gould & Japan: A Two-Way Street by Junichi Miyazawa

– Malleability & Machines: Glenn Gould & the Technological Self by Edward Jones-Imhotep

– Evolving Interpretative Approach in Glenn Gould’s Recordings of Alban Berg’s Piano Sonata by Michael Thibodeau

– Matter of North: An Anthology by Anthony Cushing

  1. Film Showing

Radio as Music (1975). A long-forgotten film in which Gould talks about composing radio documentaries with interviewer John Thompson and sound technician Donald Logan. (30 minutes)

  1. Roundtable Discussion with 6 Panelists


Caryl Clark, Chair

Professor, Music History & Culture, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

Junichi Miyazawa, Co-Chair & Presenter

Visiting Scholar, Massey College; Visiting Professor, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, & St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto; Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo


Anthony Cushing, Independent Scholar

Edward Jones-Imhotep, Associate Professor, Department of History, York University

Michael Thibodeau, Pianist


Peter Goddard, Music Journalist

David Jaeger, C. M., Music Producer, Composer & Broadcaster

Brian Levine, Executive Director, Glenn Gould Foundation

Donald Logan, Sound Technician

Faye Perkins, Representative for Glenn Gould  and Primary Wave

Lorne Tulk, Sound Technician


Centre for the Study of Global Japan (CSGJ), Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto


Primary Wave;  Yamaha Canada Music;  Faculty of Music, University of Toronto


Caryl Clark, Professor of Musicology at the University of Toronto and Fellow of Trinity College, is the author of Haydn’s Jews: Representation and Reception on the Operatic Stage (2009), and editor of the Cambridge Companion to Haydn (2005) and the Cambridge Haydn Encyclopedia (2019). Her research and teaching interests include Enlightenment aesthetics, gender and ethnicity in opera, the politics of musical reception, piano cultures, and music historiography. Her current research project focuses on Haydn, Orpheus, Madness and the French Revolution.

Junichi Miyazawa, Ph.D., is a music/literary critic, translator and award-winning professor of humanities at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo. In 2018/19 he is Visiting Scholar at Massey College; Visiting Professor at Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, and St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto. He is one of the world’s leading Glenn Gould scholars. His major books are: Glenn Gould: A Perspective (Tokyo, 2004), McLuhan’s View (Tokyo, 2008), and Thinking Music (co-authored, Tokyo, 2017).

Edward Jones-Imhotep is a cultural historian of science and technology and Associate Professor of History at York University. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University. His book, The Unreliable Nation: Hostile Nature and Technological Failure in the Cold War (MIT Press), won the 2018 Sidney Edelstein Prize for the best scholarly book in history of technology.

Dr. Michael Thibodeau is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto. Equally at home in the library carrel as on the piano bench, Michael has spent unreasonable amounts of time researching the interpretative processes performers use to bring notation into sound. His dissertation is an ontological examination of concepts belonging to common practice—namely, musicality and authenticity.

Anthony Cushing received his Ph.D. in musicology from Western University in 2013. He completed an undergraduate degree in music at Acadia University where he majored in composition and cello performance. In 2003, he had the distinction of being the first graduate student in music at the University of Southern Maine where he studied composition with J. Mark Scearce and Elliott Schwartz. His current research interest is in Glenn Gould’s Solitude Trilogy radio documentaries.

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Peter Goddard is an award-winning journalist of music, film and visual arts who wrote for many years to Toronto Star and other major media. He is the author of The Sounding, a novel, and musical biographies, including those on Ronnie Hawkins, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, and the Rolling Stones. His recent book is The Great Gould (Toronto: Dundurn, 2017).

David Jaeger, who was recently inducted as a Member of the Order of Canada (C. M.), is a music producer, composer and broadcaster. In 1974 he collaborated with Glenn Gould on 10 CBC radio programs exploring the life and music of Arnold Schönberg. In the course of making these programs he produced several interviews with Gould, including those with John Cage, Erich Leinsdorf, Henri Louis de la Grange and Dennis Stevens. These interviews often found subsequent use in Gould’s radio documentaries.

Brian Levine, as Executive Director, has been providing dynamic leadership and a new strategic vision to repositioning The Glenn Gould Foundation and its most visible initiative, The Glenn Gould Prize, as world-level arts institutions. Under his leadership, the Foundation has undertaken a wide range of projects related to the art and intellectual legacy of Glenn Gould, both in Canada and around the world, often in partnership with other arts organizations, scholars, and individual artists. He was co-founder of The Dorian Group, Ltd., a leading independent classical and world music label. A native of Toronto, Brian was educated at the University of Toronto.

Donald Logan is a Montreal-born retired sound technician. A Ryerson graduate, he worked at CBC Radio in Toronto from 1961 through 1994. Amongst other assignments he was the technician for many Toronto Symphony Orchestra broadcasts. He was one of the technicians who worked with Glenn Gould—both for his radio documentaries, including “The Quiet in the Land,” and for some recording sessions at Eaton Auditorium.

Faye Perkins is an Arts Manager. As a former executive at Sony Classical and as an Advisor to the former Glenn Gould Estate, she has worked on Glenn Gould’s behalf since 1996. She holds a BMus degree from Western University and is currently enrolled in Brock University’s MBA program.  . Her current research project is building upon Glenn Gould as a viable independent business operation, in collaboration with Brock University’s Goodman School of Business.

Lorne Tulk had a 38-year career with CBC Radio in Toronto, as an audio technician. He was known for his work with Ideas and the making of documentaries, including “Idea of North” and “The Latecomers.” He was also highly recognized for his contributions to many recordings of Glenn Gould at Eaton Auditorium.