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A. R. Rahman – The Compleat Musician Part 1
A.R. Rahman’s early life, marked by personal loss and perseverance, served as a catalyst for his musical genius and set the stage for his unparalleled success as one of the most beloved musicians of our time. At the age of nine, Rahman began supporting his family by playing the keyboard in orchestras and working as a session musician. Catching the attention of renowned Indian film directors, Rahman began scoring for cinema, and his soundtracks became massive hits. Since then, Rahman has scored over 150 films, has won multiple Oscars, Grammys, numerous other awards and has collaborated with talent across the globe including Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Involved with numerous charitable causes, in 2009 Rahman founded the Sunshine Orchestra, India’s first youth symphony for economically and socially disadvantaged children that receive free music education from his KM Music Conservatory.

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