Continuing the celebration of seminal classical composer Glenn Gould’s 90th birthday, Primary Wave Music is pleased to announce the worldwide digital release of Gould’s, The Young Maverick. The album, which commercially launched via CD in 2007 as an Amazon exclusive, will now appear on all streaming platforms for the first time ever. The impressive compilation spans across 6 discs, featuring an exclusive collection of 131 early recordings predating his 1956 debut. Recorded throughout the start of his musical career, The Young Maverick includes previously unreleased material during his sessions with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Most notably, the selections feature the first known demo recording of Gould’s famed rendition of “The Goldberg Variations.” Serving as a time capsule for one of Canada’s greatest musical exports, this latest release preserves a significant piece of classical music history. Fans can now stream and download HERE.

In conjunction with this exciting release, The Glenn Gould Foundation and city of Toronto have also honored Gould’s impact with several initiatives. In addition to an official proclamation from the city, the foundation presented their 14th annual Glenn Gould Prize, which is awarded to a standout individual in the arts. The newly elected Laureate, Gustavo Dudamel, received the honor on what would have been Gould’s 90th birthday. More information on these recent celebratory happenings can be found HERE.

The launch of The Young Maverick comes as one of Primary Wave Music’s latest initiatives to celebrate the life and artistry of the late Glenn Gould. Prior to this project, the company also partnered with Division 88 and Canadian producer Billy Wild to bring a modern twist to select Gould classics with Uninvited Guests. The album features a reinterpretation of his most celebrated performances through a collective of up-and-coming Canadian artists across various contemporary genres. Following the success of this unique project, the Toronto-based collective will be using samples exclusively from The Young Maverick to deliver a second volume of the project in the Spring of 2023.