Sept 21, 2012 / Toronto: Robert Wilson: Gould Variations
A Series of Video Portraits in celebration of Glenn Gould
Opening of Robert Wilson’s video portraits, as part of Dreamers, Renegades, Visionaries: The Glenn Gould Variations celebration.

Sept 22 and 23 2012 / Toronto / Dreamers, Renegades, Visionaries: The Glenn Gould Variations
Presented through the University of Toronto

Mixing high art with pop culture, entertainment with education, the two-day event is a new inter-disciplinary, multimedia creative summit combining performances of all types with technology and talk. Each day as many as 25 ‘dreamers, renegades and visionaries’ will present new work, new interpretations and unexpected collaborations – all inspired by the creative brilliance of iconic Canadian musician Glenn Gould. DREAMERS RENEGADES VISIONARIES: The Glenn Gould Variations brings together filmmakers Norman Jewison and Atom Egoyan, pianist Lang Lang, choreographer Marie Chouinard, pop musician Chilly Gonzales, theatre artist Robert Wilson with philosopher Mark Kingwell, copyright activist Cory Doctorow, NGO leader Johann Olav Koss, music producer Bob Ezrin, futurist Ben Goertzel and many more to enlighten audiences with their work, their stories and their ideas.

Designed to be both accessible and affordable, the event premieres at the University of Toronto on September 22-23.

Sept 23 / Toronto: Mazzoleni Hall / 7:30 pm
David Louie & Friends : Musical Offerings 1709, the Italian Concerto and other pieces.
Pianist/harpsichordist (and Conservatory faculty member) David Louie celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach and Glenn Gould with a full Bach program featuring solo and chamber pieces with colleagues Alison Melville (traverse), Kathleen Kajioka (violin), Steven Dann (viola), and Margaret Jordan-Gay (cello). The program includes The Musical Offering, BWV 1079, Italian Concerto, BWV 971, and Selections from Partita No. 4, BWV 828

Sept 24 / Toronto: The Glenn Gould Legacy / 1:00 to 4:00 pm
University of Toronto: Walter Hall
Hosted by University of Toronto and led by Professor Caryl Clark and Tim Page, Gould Scholars, music students and others interested in Gould, will participate in insightful discussions and presentations.

Sept 24 / Toronto: Glenn Gould Birthday BACHanalia Concert
The Royal Conservatory, Glenn Gould’s Alma Mater, will open its 2012/2013 season with “A Glenn Gould Birthday BACHanalia” – an innovative program featuring an international array of classical, jazz, bluegrass and South Asian artists playing Bach as you have never heard him before.

Gould’s tradition of innovation and improvisation with an all-Bach buffet, featuring some of the most intrepid artists on the music scene. Hear excerpts from Goldberg Variations on a harp care of Sylvain Blassel, the E Minor Flute Sonata played by harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy, Bach-inspired fiddle improvisations by Mark O’Connor, Oscar Peterson’s ‘Salute to Bach’ played by a jazz trio featuring Oscar’s long-time bass partner Dave Young, an acapella vocal jazz by Retrocity, a South Asian jam session featuring Autorickshaw and Trichy Sankaran, and some of The Conservatory’s most talented current students. For dessert, an unforgettable treat that Gould would have loved … hear Gould himself play ‘live’ at the end of this special evening. Gould memorabilia will be on public display and an new Gould-inspired music composition app, ‘Piano Invention’ will make its public debut.

Sept 22 & 23 / Wawa and Canada North: Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event
Noted Musicologist and Gould scholar, Dale Innes will lead a discussion and tour of Gould related sites. Will include trip along Lake Surperior to Wawa, tour of Group of Seven Sites, fabulous food and music.

Sept 25 and 28 / Regina: University of Regina
Penny Johnson – Glenn Gould Commemorative Recitals Featuring Music of J.S. Bach
Penny Johnson, a noted Glenn Gould scholar and award-winning piano performance professor, will perform works such as J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, French Suite #2, and Partita #4.

Sept 29 / Wawa: Glenn Gould Commemorative Event
The tour will include overnight stays in Glenn Gould’s hotel, a guided tour to some of his favourite places, concerts, personal time and some special Gould-inspired artistic treats.

Sept 28 / Tokyo, Japan / Canadian Embassy Tokyo
Jan Lisiecki and jazz pianist Chihiro Yamanaka (inspired by both Gould and Oscar Peterson) to perform. Will include small Gould exhibition and discussion led by leading Japanese Gould scholar, Junichi Miyazawa.